Heal your relationship with food, body & self.

Reconnect with who you are & reclaim your life. 

Heal your relationship with food, body & self. Reconnect with who you are & reclaim your life.

Hello & welcome,


As a Master’s qualified Social Worker, trained in nutrition, eating psychology and mental health, I can show you how to stop the diet-binge cycle, and relate to food, your weight and self, in a healthier and more balanced way, that you enjoy & can sustain.

But more than anything, I know what it’s like to live with and fully recover from chronic dieting, an eating disorder and low confidence and self-worth.

Once I found my freedom, I began helping other people to find their freedom, too.

Your journey will be unique and different to mine. However, I will walk alongside you to help you discover your path to healing and happiness.

So often we try to change by pushing ourselves forward, using willpower and self-control to stay the course. But it rarely works long-term. What if you were gently pulled, instead?

Instead of forcing yourself to change, feeling like you’re fighting an uphill battle with food and your weight. What if someone who has already walked the path is standing at the top with their hands out, ready to pull you up and help you to stop binge eating, for good.

Because you have so many more important things to do with your life.


How to Get Started

Step 1. Get In Touch.

A Discovery Session allows me to learn more about you, your challenges with food, weight and self, why you are getting stuck and how I can help support you to resolve these issues. We’ll discuss what you would like to get out of your time working together and we’ll create some therapeutic goals you can work towards. We’ll also discuss which package option is the best fit for you, what to expect from our sessions and you’ll have an opportunity to ask lots of questions.

Step 2. Initial Session. 

In your first session we’ll spend 75-90 minutes together doing a thorough food, mind and body assessment. We’ll discuss topics such as your current eating and exercise patterns, your thoughts and beliefs around food, weight and health, your weight history and body image, your lifestyle, and anything else related. We’ll identify any barriers that might stand in the way of achieving your goals and what success in this process may look like for you.

Step 3. Ongoing Support. 

Repairing and restoring a healthy and positive relationship with food, weight and self takes time, practice and patience. I offer compassionate, individually tailored, packaged-based coaching and counselling. Support is delivered in person on the Sunshine Coast, video and/or phone Australia wide and email so that we have enough time to spend together to work through these issues to ensure you achieve your goals and sustainable, long-term success.

Join the 5 Day Diet Mindset Reset Challenge.


This a 5 day challenge delivered daily by email to help you build awareness of your diet mentality thoughts, so you can identify what’s actually true and/or re-frame the thought in a way that’s more helpful.

It is an ideal first step that you can take to start letting go of dieting and challenge your food rules and ‘all or nothing’ thinking, to help you stop binge eating.


Client Testimonials. 

I cannot begin to tell anyone how much Kelly has changed my world. The peace inside my head is amazing. The constant chat about food or my body or others, is disappearing. I now look at the diet world as just sad and wish freedom for everyone. Kelly your program is incredible. Thank you.



Kelly provides thought provoking advice in a caring, empathetic way that focuses on the psychological aspects of eating, more than the traditional dieting and calorie counting. As someone that does a lot of research and self-educating in this area myself, Kelly has added a whole new dimension to my understanding of weight loss and weight gain, and health in general. If it wasn’t for Kelly, I would NEVER have felt that putting my scales away was the right thing for me to do!


I wanted to thank you for so many things, your comfort, your words of wisdom, and sincerity. When I have my sessions with you, I feel like I can conquer this.


Kelly and I worked together for six months as I had recently been diagnosed with UFED (Unspecified Feeding or Eating Disorder). I have anxiety and was quite nervous about starting the process, however, Kelly immediately put me at ease. I’m smiling as I write this because my relationship with food and my body has almost done a 360. I was addicted to “clean eating” and it was hugely impacting my life. Now I’ve built a healthier relationship with food and I’ve got myself and my life back. Thank you for your wisdom and expertise in helping me move forward with my life. 


Sunshine Coast

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Diet’s don’t work. So why do we keep trying them?

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