Learn to stop binge eating.

Reconnect with who you are & reclaim your life. 

Learn to stop binge eating

Reconnect with who you are & reclaim your life. 

Do you think about food all the time?

Do you have intense urges to overeat compulsively?

Do you often binge in secret and hide food for later?

Do you turn to food for comfort, stress relief, depression, or anxiety?

and then feel flooded with guilt, shame or regret?

Let’s change that, shall we?

With a nutritionist trained in eating psychology and social work, you can learn to stop binge eating, better manage your emotions, develop a healthier relationship with food and your body image, and take charge of your physical and mental health.

Your journey to stop binge eating & feel empowered in your relationship with food & your weight, starts here.

Step 1. Get in touch.

A Discovery Session allows me to learn more about you, your challenges with food, weight and body image, why you are getting stuck and how I can help support you to resolve these issues. On this call I will provide you with a step-by-step plan on how you can stop the cycle of body dissatisfaction – bingeing and/or emotional eating and potential weight fluctuations. We’ll also discuss which package option is the best fit for you, what to expect from the process and you’ll have an opportunity to ask lots of questions.

Step 2. Initial session. 

In your first session we’ll spend 75-90 minutes together discussing your current eating patterns, your thoughts and beliefs around food, weight and body image, foods you enjoy, your lifestyle and identify any barriers that might stand in the way of achieving your goals and what success in this process will look like for you.

Step 3. Ongoing support. 

Repairing and transforming your relationship with food, weight and body image takes practice and patience. I offer packaged-based support and accountability that includes face-to-face, video, phone and email support so that we have enough time to spend together to be able to work through these issues and achieve long-term success.

Client’s kind words 

Kelly provides thought provoking advice in a caring, empathetic way that focuses on the psychological aspects of eating, more than the traditional dieting and calorie counting. As someone that does a lot of research and self-educating in this area myself, Kelly has added a whole new dimension to my understanding of weight loss and weight gain, and health in general. If it wasn’t for Kelly, I would NEVER have felt that putting my scales away was the right thing for me to do!


I wanted to thank you for so many things, your comfort, your words of wisdom, and sincerity. When I have my sessions with you, I feel like I can conquer this.


I cannot begin to tell anyone how much Kelly has changed my world. The peace inside my head is amazing. The constant chat about food or my body or others, is disappearing. I now look at the diet world as just sad and wish freedom for everyone. Kelly your program is incredible. Thank you.



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Diet’s don’t work. So why do we keep trying them?

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