If you have given up dieting but you’re struggling to stop binge eating, chances are, you still have diet – like -thinking. 

Let’s change that, shall we? 


Nine times out of 10, when people give up dieting, they still think like dieters. 

Inside you’re thinking, “I really shouldn’t be eating this”.

This is the mind chatter version of physical restriction.

Therefore, “dieting” also includes what you think and how you feel about what you eat. And just like physical restriction, mental restriction will keep you binge eating and emotional eating too. 

Lots of mental restriction happens in the subconscious. But you’ll know if you have it because you’ll be feeling stressed about eating certain foods. 

Rather than feeling at ease and enjoying food and feeling mentally at peace with your eating decisions. 

Learn how you can stop the diet mentality thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from finding peace with food when you take the 5 Day Diet Mindset Reset Challenge. 

Diet mentality is the inner voice you hear over and over saying:


  • “No carbs after lunch”. 
  • “I’m going to be good starting tomorrow”.
  • “Labeling food as good or bad”
  • “Don’t eat after 6pm”. 
  • “No dessert because you didn’t exercise”. 
  • “What is wrong with me? I shouldn’t need this much food”
  • “I can’t control myself around…..so I shouldn’t eat it”.


It’s a state of mind and a set of deeply held food rules that play over in your head. It makes you feel anxious if you happen to ‘fall off the wagon’. And more likely to say screw it, eat it all now, get it out of the house and be good again from tomorrow. 


stop binge eating 5 day challenge

The 5 Day Diet Mindset Reset Challenge


Is a 5 day challenge that will help you to build awareness of your diet mentality thoughts, so you can identify what’s actually true and/or reframe the thought in a way that’s more helpful. 

It is an ideal first step that you can take to start letting go of a diet mentality and challenge your food rules and ‘all or nothing’ thinking, which can ultimately help you to stop binge eating and/or emotional eating. 

what is normal eating

This is for you if:


  • You are on and off diets.
  • You want to stop feeling guilty for eating.  
  • You base your food choices on whether you think foods are good or bad or will cause you to gain weight. 
  • You are tired of food and your weight taking up so much time, energy and headspace.
  • You are stuck in patterns of emotional eating, binge eating or feeling out of control with food… never mastering balance, ease and consistency with eating.
  • You want to discover how to build a better relationship to food that you ENJOY — and can sustain long-term.

At the end of the five days you will know:


How to let go of your food rules.

How the pursuit of weight loss through restriction sets you up to fail and what to do instead to feel good about yourself.

How to get rid of the ‘dieter’s tools’ that get in the way of real progress in your relationship with food.

How to notice when unhelpful or inaccurate thoughts rooted in diet mentality arise – so you can challenge and reframe the thoughts to positively impact your eating behaviours.

How to build a tool-box of go-to strategies and skills you can use to reduce the frequency and intensity of emotional eating and/or binge eating.

How to be nicer to yourself and use self-compassion practices to make sustainable changes in your thoughts, behaviours, and relationship with yourself.

Have the confidence and clarity you need to take the next steps on your journey to a healthy and happy relationship with food.

How does the 5 Day Diet Mindset Reset Work?


  • The challenge will be delivered daily via email and each email is accompanied by an audio and pdf worksheet. 
  • Your investment in this challenge and yourself is $19. I’ve kept it low cost so it’s affordable for most. It’s not free because I find people tend to value something more when they pay for it. They are then more likely to take action and therefore get real results. 
  • All of the practices are short and simple (yet incredibly insightful and effective). I do this for two reasons:
  1. So you can complete them without having to make too much of a time commitment.
  2. So you can save them, return to them and incorporate them into daily life as needed even after the challenge is over.