Binge eating counselling, with someone who gets it.

Binge eating counselling, with someone who gets it.

Hi, I’m Kelly.

I specialise in offering binge eating counselling for women. I do this work because I get it. I’ve been there too. 

And you, I’m guessing, are a smart, capable, go-getting woman. You feel effective and in control of so many areas of your life, but when it comes to the food arena, you feel frustrated and out of control.

You’re stuck in a cycle of starting over every Monday, only to end up hungry, and binge eat, or you turn to food to cope with your emotions never mastering ease and consistency with balanced eating.

Maybe you’ve tried all the diets and quick fixes. Intellectually, you ‘get’ why diets don’t work, but you feel ambivalent and conflicted about what letting go of dieting might mean. Loss of control. Giving in. Letting yourself go. Abandoning your health. I understand that fear, but none is true. 

I want you to know you do not need to waste another year exhausted by your inner critic, hungry and distracted by your cravings.

You promised yourself that this would not be your story going forward. Let’s rewrite your food and body story together, shall we? 

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Binge eating counselling will support you to build a healthy relationship with food, body & self, that by extension improves your whole life…that you love and can sustain. 

“I am at a place that I never imagined was possible for me. I have now found complete freedom from dieting and bingeing. I didn’t realise how good life could be until I began working on freeing myself from the restrictions I had been self-imposing for far too long. Kelly is knowledgeable, generous with her time and really easy to work with. Thank you for supporting me on my journey. Forever grateful”. 



Those of you with small children in your lives will have witnessed how present they are in their body. They are mostly unaware of their appearance, undisturbed about their rolls of fat and do what feels good. I have watched with amazement how children effortlessly eat intuitively. Watch a child at a birthday party choosing between cake, party pies, fruit, popcorn as if each food is neither good nor bad. Also note that they happily leave food, any food, when they have had enough.

This is intuitive eating. 

Sure, some children will eat lollies until they make themselves sick. However, these children have learned somewhere along the line that these foods are bad and are limited in availability and are making sure they get enough in while they can. This is the opposite of intuitive eating, a great example of bingeing and what often happens after a diet ends. 

The big fear is that without the rules and restrictions of a diet you’ll blow out and eat ALL the banned foods. As if your only two options are dieting or bingeing. This is not what is reported in the non-diet and intuitive eating research and certainly not what my clients experience. 

Eating can feel easy.

Being in your body can feel easy.

Self-compassion can feel easy.


  • I believe you’re not broken. 
  • I believe recovery is possible.
  • I believe you can relearn to listen to your inner wisdom, eat intuitively and enjoy food without guilt. 
  • I believe body image healing and body acceptance is critical to having a healthy relationship with food.
  • I believe in a non-diet approach that focuses on changing mindset and behaviours first, not a focus on weight or numbers, is a key to having a healthy relationship with food, weight & body image. 
  • Research shows that dieting is guaranteed to result in weight regain over an above what was initially lost for 95% of people. Furthermore, it is likely to result in disordered eating or an eating disorder. Therefore, it would be unethical of me to provide binge eating counselling that is ineffective long-term or harmful.
  • It embraces the Health At Every Size® paradigm, intuitive eating and mindfulness. These approaches show promising clinical and psychological results as one of the most helpful, least harmful ways to assist those with food and weight concerns.
  • My approach places importance on both physical and mental health and wellbeing. It gives you the skills to reconnect to your inner wisdom, so you feel equipped to make your own choices about food, eating, nutrition, movement, rest and weight, from a place of self-care and respect for your right now body.
  • To help you stop worrying about your size, shape and weight so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your body at any weight. 
  • To help you stop dieting and feeling the need to cut out foods such as sugar and carbs and instead, eat in a flexible and stress-free manner. 
  • To help you understand and stop the cycle of restriction – bingeing and emotional eating. 
  • To help you become informed and educated, so you’re able to recognise, become resilient and reject the toxic messages, our society gives women about food, our bodies, and health.
  • To help you swim at the beach, go on dates, make love with the lights on, wear your favourite clothing, eat out with friends, have photos taken…aka LIVE! 

My Credentials 


I bring to my practice a Bachelor of Nutrition Science from the Queensland University of Technology (Distinction); a Certification as an Eating Psychology Coach from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Colorado; a Certification as a “Am I Hungry”? Mindful Eating Facilitator; I am trained and approved Eating Disorders Practitioner with the Australian Centre for Eating Disorders; I have completed various training in mental health and substance abuse; I am currently completing a Master of Social Work, and have just finished 500 hours of placement with headspace, Australia’s largest youth mental health not for profit. 

I have been interviewed for ABC’s Catalyst program and featured in the House of Wellness Magazine and various guest blogging spots. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you’re needing binge eating counselling, with someone who gets it.