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A one-on-one personalised online binge eating program in Australia.




Stop binge eating & feel in control with food.

Does this sound familiar?


You can’t keep your favourite foods in the house because you know you will eat them all.

You often feel guilty after eating, and frustrated that you have no willpower or self-control.

You are done with dieting or want to be done with dieting, but don’t know what else to do instead. 

You feel dissatisfied with your weight and your body; consequently, you are afraid of putting yourself out there and it’s impacting the quality of your life.


Take a deep breath, you are in good hands.


As a University qualified eating behaviour and body image clinician, I’ve helped hundreds of women to find freedom from our culture’s toxic messages about food and weight, and stop compulsive eating behaviours with my binge eating program. 


Imagine this…


  • Your brain isn’t hijacked with negative thoughts about your body and what you can and can’t eat.
  • You trust yourself to have any food in the house and not be afraid of losing control.
  • You deal with life’s ups and downs without turning to food to cope.
  • You are not feeling guilty after eating or engaging in compensatory behaviours.
  • You move your body because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good.
  • You stop the yo-yo weight cycling and find your balanced weight.
  • You have so much more energy and mental space to focus on the things that will truly make you happy.

If you want freedom like that, I’ve got

good news for you.


Welcome to


Start Nourishing

A private experience of self-discovery and soul level nourishment for women that need personalised guidance to repair and restore their relationship with food, weight and body image.

Go from this:


  • You wake up and your first thoughts are “I can’t believe I ate so much last night. I feel so fat. I’ll start my diet again and be good from today. How many calories/points am I allowed”.
  • You think of food all the time, what you “can” and “can’t” eat. You’re on and off diets and meal plans. You eat in secret, on the run, in the car, standing up at the fridge or cupboards. You often feel guilty about the amount and/or types of food you eat. You often turn to food after a stressful day.
  • You worry about your weight and It doesn’t matter if you’re fat, thin or in between – You’re rarely happy with the size and shape of your body. You weigh yourself often and struggle to keep weight off long-term.
  • You’re waiting to lose weight before you get married, buy the skinny jeans, put on a swimsuit, go on a date, accept that offer to speak on stage… LIVE! 

 To this:


  • You wake up feeling good and lighter, physically, mentally and emotionally. You don’t have food or your weight on your mind. You eat what you truly feel like – eggs and bacon, or fruit and yoghurt.
  • You thoroughly enjoy it, and you do not feel guilty. You like to sit down and enjoy food with family and friends. You can eat mindfully and you are comfortable leaving food on your plate.
  • You wear clothes that you like to wear, that makes you feel good, comfortable, confident and at ease in your body. You are at your balanced weight and you love who you are, inside and out.
  • There are many other bonuses you will gain along the way too; you will learn so much about yourself and your body, what you want and don’t want in your life. You will replace old ways of thinking, with new thoughts that will support you to have a healthy and happy relationship with food, your body and self.

Achieving this turnaround is nowhere near as hard as sticking to a diet!



As a result of this binge eating program, you will:


  • Feel in charge of your eating and cravings, so food no longer has power over you.
  • Eat the foods you love without fear of gaining weight, or feeling guilty after eating.
  • Reach your balanced weight and stay there, without yo-yo-ing up and down.
  • Learn to manage bad body image days and feel comfortable, confident and carefree in your body.
  • Feel more connected to your body, yourself and who you’re meant to be.
  • Find enjoyable and sustainable ways to move your body, to improve your self-esteem, stress and sleep.
  • Become informed and resilient in a fat-phobic, diet obsessed culture.
  • Swim at the beach, make love with the lights on, dance, go on dates, build the business of your dreams and LIVE! AKA: Stop hiding yourself away!


You can do this & I can help.

3 Month Private Binge Eating program. 


  • 1 x 90-Minute Initial Deep Dive Session.
  • 5 x 50-Minute fortnightly sessions for ongoing support. 
  • 3 months of tailored strategies, support and accountability to kickstart your journey to stopping the diet – binge cycle, find wellness without obsession and improve your relationship with food.
  • $997 paid in full (payment plan available).


5 Month Private Binge Eating Program. 


  • 1 x 90-Minute Initial Deep Dive Session.
  • 9 x 50-Minute fortnightly sessions for ongoing support. 
  • 5 months of tailored strategies, support and accountability to stop the diet – binge cycle, find wellness without obsession and heal and transform your relationship with food, forever.
  • $1500 paid in full (payment plan available)

Frequently Asked Questions

...will I lose weight on this program?

Yes. No. Maybe…Whilst this program is not focused on losing weight, it is completely OK if you want to lose weight. It’s how you go about it that matters. The long-term outcome of the work we do together is to stop bingeing, emotional eating and feeling guilty after eating. It will help you to have a balanced and healthy relationship with food, so it no longer negatively impacts the quality of your life. By learning to eat intuitively, you can reduce the frequency and intensity of compulsive eating episodes and improve health and well-being habits, and potentially let weight loss be a side effect of these changes if you have weight to lose.

...why do I have to apply to get into the program?

The program is for women who are done with dieting or want to be done with dieting, but don’t know what to do instead. Not every woman is ready for this work and the application process helps to ensure the right fit for the journey ahead.

...but you're thin, how can you possibly understand how I feel about my body?

It makes some sense that you’d be skeptical of a thinner ‘accept your body’ advocate. I probably would be too if I hadn’t had my own lived experience and recovery of body hate and disordered eating. I haven’t always been this size. My weight has yo-yo’d like the best of them! The body I now have is a mix of genetics, and prioritising my mental and emotional health, over the pursuit of an unsustainable number on the scale. Often people can be very quick to judge someone’s insides by their outsides, but you cannot tell from what a person looks like who they are, where they come from, their worth, their intelligence, and how they live their life. This is the approach I take with my clients and all people in general. I have done extensive training (and continue to) on body image healing  and what it means to occupy and care for your body at ALL sizes. I do however acknowledge my thin privilege and I understand completely if you would rather work with someone who has lived in a larger body. There are many other fabulous women living in larger bodies doing this work that can also help you.

...I'm not sure it's the right time?

When will it ever be the “right time”? Given the society will live in, it’s normal for you to be ambivalent about walking away from trying to control your weight. But the longer you keep trying to control your weight, the longer you stay stuck bingeing, the longer you keep weight cycling and the heavier your weight will become over time. You don’t want to be 80 and still worried about what eating a couple of extra biscuits will do to your waistline. We’ll take it one meal at a time, one day at a time. You’ve already taken the first step by reading this far, you deserve happiness, NOW. much time will I need to invest in this program?

You should expect to invest between two-four hours each week in addition to our fortnightly one-on-one private sessions to get the most out of this program. Like anything in life, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

...I'm not sure I can afford the program?

The monetary cost of the program represents the significant value engaged participants will receive. This is a significant investment of your time and money, but the payoff is priceless. Many clients report wishing they had signed up earlier as they have literally thrown money down the drain on binges, which could have paid for the program many times over. Ask yourself what is not signing up to the program truly costing you? Hint ~ it’s more than money.

*And, don’t forget I have split payment plans.

...I have an eating disorder, can this program help me?

Yes, the Stop Punishing Start Nourishing program is excellent support during or after treatment in order to encourage and maintain recovery. However, it should not be considered a replacement for proper medical and psychological care and I ask that you are medically stable, without a current diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa and over 18.

I have my own lived experience of an eating disorder and full recovery. I intimately understand the complex physical, mental and emotional challenges, fears and obstacles that come with committing to overcoming an eating disorder. I help my clients reach their highest goals not by strategies that punish, but through strategies that nourish. With listening and empathy, not with policing or judgment. I am an advocate for the Health At Every Size and Body Positive movements. 

As an approved Australian Centre for Eating Disorders practitioner, I aim to create a safe environment where women of all shapes, sizes, colours and abilities can open the door to create healing and freedom in their relationship with food, body image and life.

There is no such thing as a miracle cure for eating disorders. However, the good news is, prevention and full recovery is possible at any age. A key part of eradicating the backlash of chronic dieting, negative body image and eating disorders is preventative education, strategy and tailored support.

...will you tell me what to eat and provide me with a meal plan?

The short answer is, no. I value your time and money too much to waste it writing you a meal plan that you are unlikely to follow. If you really want to make a PERMANENT change to your relationship with food, following a meal plan is not the answer. Meal plans foster an all or nothing approach, that are very rigid like a diet. Changing your relationship with food and body is about tuning in to what you want to eat in the moment, not eating tuna and crackers for afternoon tea because I told you to. Trust me, you’ll thank me in the long run!

*However, I won’t leave you high and dry! We will talk about meal prepping, meal timing, snacks, meal options, kitchen organisation etc. (ie: the things that get you long-term results). long will it take to overcome my food and body struggles?

How long is a piece of string…I’m ALL about getting you results. However, you can’t change years, if not decades of diet mentality and habits overnight. To create a healthy relationship with food and your body whilst constantly being bombarded by people and messages that tell you you can lose 5kg in a week and keep it off – you have to learn to recognise and reject these factually incorrect, toxic messages. As much as this is a process of learning new thoughts and behaviours, it’s also just as much about unlearning old behaviours and thoughts in order to create the change you want.

In actual fact, this work is a 360° mindset shift. Realistically it takes most people 1-2 years to heal their relationship with food, and body image is generally life-long work, that gets much easier with time and practice.

But in saying that, you don’t want to rely on me forever – this program gives you everything you need to kick-start a very happy, healthy and sustainable food and body healing journey. So, be honest with yourself…it’s going to be a minimum of 3 months/6 sessions if – you’re READY to call a ceasefire with your body and put weight loss on the back burner, while you heal your relationship with food first. OR 6 months/12 sessions if – you think perhaps your issues with food and body run a little deeper and you’re still reluctant to give up dieting.

Every client experience is different and unique. We can discuss this more on our discovery call, which we’ll set up once you complete the coaching application questions.

...I'm IN! I'd love to get started with food and body image coaching.

Fabulous! You’re in good hands. Please click the disocvery call button below and complete the client application questions and schedule in your call. On our call we’ll discuss your relationship with food and body, why you’re eating the way you do and what’s keeping you stuck in the cycle diet – binge cycle and talk next steps, if you’re interested in moving forward and working together to resolve these issues. 


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