It’s time to get vulnerable about our binge eating recovery. As many of you know, I went to hell and back again with my eating and body image issues. There were wounds and pains I hadn’t ever explored until about five years ago. During my healing, there was a lot of confusion and overwhelm, and a lot of eating. A lot of eating. In this post I discuss two tips that helped my binge eating recovery.


My binge eating recovery


If you have ever binged or are currently still struggling with binge eating, there’s two strategies I want to offer you that I could have done with when I was struggling.

  1. Stop the judgement.
  2. Reach out and talk.

I learnt that binge eating is not bad. Even if our eating behaviours are maladaptive and we desperately want to fix them; binge eating is nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s your body’s wisdom whispering (or screaming) at you to slow down and listen. It’s a message from yourself to yourself. You can learn from these experiences with food and they can teach and reveal a lot about yourself. Keeping yourself locked into judgment, ridicule and shame over binge eating only perpetuates the cycle.

What ever your bingeing is trying to help you get through, it is very rarely solely about the food. Food is not inherently evil. It just happens to be readily available, affordable and an instant soothing short term fix. Exaclywhat we think we need in the moment and then it becomes a habit hard to break. 


my binge eating recovery


In time, another lesson that helped my binge eating recovery was to reach out and talk. The next time you’re feeling the overwhelming urge or need to binge, pick up the phone and talk to someone. A bestie, your mum or dad, a sister or a counsellor.

As I mentioned above, unless physcially hungry (which is probably the case if you’re dieting to control your weight), bingeing can start because of non-food reasons. Talking through what’s bothering you can help you resolve the underlying issue and prevent a binge.


Full binge eating recovery is possible


I have worked through my struggles and I’m now celebrating five strong years of recovery. My binge eating recovery has become my lifestyle and I’m still learning every day. My mental health is now more of a priority, than reaching an arbituary number on the scale. I’ve built daily actions, behaviours and habits into my life, that have helped me transform my relationship with food and my weight.

My whole life has totally transformed as a result of my recovery journey and yours can too. I’m not ashamed and have a healthy sense of self and enjoy living in a healthy body and mind. If this is something that you need help with, take a look at my one-on-one program Stop Punishing Start Nourishing here>>


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